We recommend that you start with Active, Inactive, Retention and Contact goals when introducing Casino Host Goals:

Active Goals

‘Active’ players are the 300-600 accounts coded to each Host in your Player Tracking System because they are actively making trips with a minimum ADT. Active Goals aim to increase the Theo and/or Trips from Coded players.

Inactive Goals

Inactive Goals incent the Hosts to reach out to valuable players who have not played for a while and get them back on property.

Retention Goals

Retention Goals encourage the Hosts to monitor their assigned Active players and ensure they do not disappear and become Inactive!

Contact Goals

Contact Goals measure the number of interactions that the Hosts have with their coded and un-coded players. You set Contact Goals to ensure that the Hosts are reaching a wide number of guests on a regular basis. You don’t want the Hosts to continually interact with the same small group of players.

After a couple of Quarters, you will see that your team has adjusted to working in this new strategic approach, and they will start to be successful in meeting and exceeding their goals. You can then add new types of goals to challenge them further!

New Player Goals

Newly enrolled players with high Theo are assigned to each Host. The Hosts have, say, 60 days to get the person back on property and build a pattern of play.

Acquisition Goals

With Acquisition goals, you try to grow trips and Theo from players who are not newly enrolled, and not yet coded to a Host, but are playing often enough, and with enough Theo, to be coded to a Host in the future.

Investment Goals

Investment Goals measure the success of the Hosts in driving trips and Theo without over-investing in the guests.

Tactical Goals

These are goals that are specific to your situation, such as wanting to drive revenue from Table Players, managing Birthday goals, and implementing a structured Gift program to drive trips.

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Casino Host Goals

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