Good news today, 11/9, about a vaccine. This will make a huge difference to our industry.

As you know, there are a lot of our guests who are apprehensive about returning to the Property even though you have invested heavily in sanitation and re-assuring protocols.

You also know that you cannot keep phoning these people and trying to sell them a reason to return! But your Boss insists that the team stay in contact with these nervous players.

This is how Power Host can help. Contact your Account Manager if you want to turn on this approach for your team.

When you talk to a guest, and they share their concerns, you just Add A Touch.

Power Host will drop them into a Classification for Not Expected.

Just decide how often you want to make a Comfort Call and Power Host will build a call-list for you:

When your guest does come back for a visit, Power Host will give you a Recommendation to call and welcome them back.

Are you the Manager? Power Host can get you a list of these apprehensive guests to use in a special mail piece. You should also be receiving analysis of the entire Club and the trends in who is, and is not, returning?

Just let your Account Manager know if you want to turn this on in Power Host. Stay safe.

Dealing with Covid-19