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Are you in Casino Player Development?

You have reached the home of the Daily Action Plan and Host BoB. We speak PD!

Read this case study on how a Player Development team drove increased revenue from coded players by implementing a vision for a rolling 90 day acquisition program.

Each host can receive a custom Daily Action Plan, each and every day, delivered to their email/phone.

  • This is not a report!
  • This is not a long list of coded players!

The Daily Action Plan slices and dices the data so that each host knows which players need to be contacted because they are ahead or behind goal in terms of play, trips and expenses. The host has a context for each call! And Host BoB ties the Daily Action Plan to contacts, guest profile, preferences, tasks and so much more.

Are you in Casino Marketing?

Talk to us about improving Club Profitability.

We send you "News You Can Use" on a daily basis:

  • Refine segmentation
  • Improve reinvestment
  • Receive daily alerts when your promotions are off-track
  • Analyze markets based on drive time!

Call Amy at 304.218.1265 to talk about Player Development and improving Club Profitability.

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Who is BoB?

Host BoB is a contact and task management solution built specifically for casino hosts to manage their Book of Business (BoB)! BoB would love to work for you. Contact Amy to meet BoB.

And who is Amy?

Amy J. Hudson is waiting for your call at 304.218.1265 or

Amy has been in your shoes in Player Development, Marketing, and Casino Operations.

Read Amy's articles in Casino Journal on Player Development.

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