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Do You Manage Player Development?

Hi, I manage both Player Development and Marketing.

With PowerHost, my Casino Hosts and Executive Hosts see their Goals each day.

And they know who to call because PowerHost makes Recommendations!

They record contacts, capture preferences, make notes, and assign each other Tasks.


I am not crunching PD numbers in spreadsheets and I have more time to focus on strategy.

I know where we stand against our Goals each day; and which Hosts need some coaching and encouragement from me. Lee, for example!

And PowerHost tells me whether my Hosts are completing the Tasks that I assign to them. Joe is doing a good job of inviting players to the VIP Event:

We pay a monthly fee to Harvest Trends and I justified that Expense in my budget by committing to a few extra trips per Host per month. We didn't 'buy' PowerHost so I didn't have to request a Capital outlay.

(PowerHost starts at 3K per month, including one manager. Each additional host is $100 per month. And that includes training for each Host via an individual webinar.)

Harvest Trends is selling a service not a piece of software. I work with the HelpDesk at Harvest Trends to tell them my business rules, the 'triggers' that I want to create a Host contact, my upcoming Events, and they configure PowerHost for my Markets and my approach.

Oh! And I save even more time because PowerHost includes daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly custom reports for myself, my GM, the Controller, the Compliance Manager (for comp exceptions), and anyone else that requests information.

Identify Potential

  • Classify players in your chosen way
  • Code players in new and different ways
  • Maintain a rotating pool of players with potential
  • Assign valuable new players to each Host, each Day

Manage Goals

  • Create all types of goals
  • (Grow Theo, Control expense, Contact # players etc)
  • Set goals for any time period
  • Measure pace to Goal each day

Increase Productivity

  • Track whether Hosts are contacting players
  • Assign tasks to Hosts in bulk. E.g. from a mail file
  • Monitor whether Hosts are closing tasks.
  • And so much more.

Click here for screenshots of PowerHost.


Contact Paul Cutler now at 561.860.2621 or pcutler@harvesttrends.com to arrange a Demo.