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Who is Here?

  • Uncarded players to sign up.
  • New players to grow.
  • Valuable coded players to greet.

Who is Not Here?

  • New players who have not returned.
  • Active players who should be here by now.
  • Inactive players who need encouragement.

How to reach them?

  • On-floor contact with a Host.
  • Direct mail programs via print, email and text.
  • Personal phone calls from a coded Host.
  • Automated email and text from a Host.
  • Your Telemarketing team.

  • Let us help you! We combine your experience with our tools and partners in the Resort Mobile Solutions Alliance (RMSA)

    Harvest Trends is an enthusiastic member of the RMSA, which was founded to "support the open standards to free your data, and free you to truly serve your customers." What does the RMSA mean to you?