Power Host is an easy to use Host CRM backed by a powerful learning engine.

A guest was so thrilled to receive a Birthday Call from Mark, they wrote a letter to thank us! Every day, Power Host tells our team who to call and why.

Penny, General Manager

We tick all the boxes for contact management:

  • Notes and tasks.
  • Guest Preferences e.g. Favorite game, favorite drink, food allergies.
  • Reminders for birthdays and anniversaries.

And we know Gaming!

  • Gaming Profile for each Account
  • Incliner/decliner? Valuable? Due back? Over invested?
  • Recent play
  • Recent comps

Configurable goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

  • Different goals for different Hosts or Teams
  • Drive results Year on Year, Quarter on Quarter etc.
  • Hold Hosts accountable for contacting all their players.
  • Create goals and measures for play, contacts, and expenses.

We literally wrote the book on Casino Hosts Goals! Contact Paul for a free copy of how to take A Strategic Approach to Player Development.

Power Host is easy to learn and easy to use. We train all your current, and future, Hosts via a 30 minute webinar, for free.

Easy for your team but Power Host has a powerful learning engine!

  • Sophisticated rules engine.
  • Re-scores every account in the Database every day.
  • Recommends who to call and why.
  • E.g. Mary usually plays every week and hasn’t been in for 3 weeks!

In a monthly meeting, you discuss your changing needs with your assigned Account Manager . Our team adjusts the rules engine to reflect your market conditions. We don’t sell software and walk away.

Save time! Stop making MS Excel lists!

  • Finds valuable new players.
  • Spots enrolled accounts who play up.
  • Realizes a guest is due back.
  • Soft-codes the player to a Host.
  • Holds Host accountable to grow the guest.

Integrate your Direct Mail strategies with Player Development!

  • Load Direct Mail offers.
  • Encourage Hosts to use an offer and not a comp to drive a trip.
  • Create a Host Campaign to call guests about an event.
  • Task the Hosts to call their coded players ahead of upgrade/downgrade and tell the guest what they need to do.

Do you have a Hotel? Or a 3rd party hotel?

  • If you can, upload reservations from your PMS to PowerHost.
  • If not? Hosts record reservations in PowerHost.
  • Arrivals List so Hosts can call and welcome the guests.
  • Is the Host playing while in a Comped room for the weekend?
  • Departure List with player results so Hosts can decide to comp the room.
  • Power Host knows whether guests play up when they stay.
  • Holds Hosts accountable for putting the right head in the bed.

Finally, Power Host includes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly reporting. Configured for your needs. Based on 10 years of working with Player Development.

We know you need a price before you move forward.

  • Monthly fee
  • No annual commitment like others
  • One-time initial set-up fee
  • Training and support included
  • Cloud-based so no hardware or software to purchase
  • Works with desktop and mobile devices.

Contact Paul Cutler, your Customer Relations Manager, for pricing and a web-based demo. Just tell Paul the number of slots and the number of Hosts.

We look forward to showing you Power Host!