After ten years, we know about Player Development!

We published these books to spread the knowledge.

A Strategic Approach to Player Development

This book describes how senior management across the USA is taking a strategic approach to Player Development supported by Casino Host Goals.

It is a book about Player Development rather than a book for Player Development. The audience for this book includes Executive Management, Finance, Marketing, and experienced Casino Hosts.

Contact Paul Cutler for your free copy. Or visit Amazon. We give a copy to everyone on your management team when you sign up for Power Host.

The Strategic Host includes advice from Hosts, Player Development Executives, and Management.

Experienced Casino Hosts can take their game to the next level and new Hosts can learn the ropes from experts.

Are you a manager?

This is a structured work book you can use in coaching your team. Contact Paul Cutler for your free copy if you are in management. You can buy copies on Amazon. We give a free copy to every user of Power Host.

Great book for new or experienced player development execs and managers! Good strategic and tactical tips for building your PD process.

A. G. Czajkowski on Amazon